The Not Bathing Suit Material photo was the most challenging for me to take. I, like many other females I know, feel extremely uncomfortable in a bathing suit and have felt like this for most of my life, even at different shapes and weights. Deciding to publish this image was an important step for me and I think this photo will speak to many other women who do not feel that their body is appropriate for public display.


At first I wanted to wear a ‘cover-up’ to hide my stomach and my legs, but when we were shooting the photos, I decided that I should not hide, as the purpose of this photograph is to show other women that they are not alone and that most of us feel uncomfortable. Not retouching and/or cropping this photo was also a serous hurdle for me. With all the tools to digitally alter and carefully select only the best and most flattering photos for public view, I often find myself pressured to only share photos of myself, which I find appropriate and good-looking. I believe that many of us would not share a photo such as this on their social networking platforms, which in my opinion alters the image we created of ourselves in the online world.

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