Artist Statement

The works on my website consists of photography and film, as well as simple animation in colour and black and white. The common threads of this project are the topics of gender, body image, and self-representation. Most of the photographic images include myself as the subject and by turning the camera on myself I make visible that I am deconstructing these issues. My films feature others whom I interviewed or asked to perform certain tasks inspired by the feminist issues I was learning about.

My inspirations for this project were course readings, my research, and current issues in media, gender and self-image studies. As I was researching, I became more aware of the one-sided nature of representation in the media and I noticed how this was affecting my own life. Concepts that were of particular interest to me were theories such as online identity management, consumerism, male gaze, online gender-switching, and semiology. Some visual inspiration came from visual artists such as Cindy Sherman and Andy Warhol.

With these works I want to encourage the viewer to think critically about common issues affecting women due to the media’s influence. Furthermore, I am hoping that these works will be useful as an educational tool for young people in order to help them develop a strong self-image and a healthy understanding of the power and influence of the media. For this reason, all my work has also been made available online on this website.

I have been interested in photography since I got my first camera at age 16 and have been exploring this medium recreationally since then. The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Program at Capilano University has allowed me to explore gender-related issues and combine this with my interest and skill in photography by creating a graduation project with a creative spin. All the works on this website were created while I completed the LSBA coursework and/or to fulfill my tutorial and graduation requirements. This is my first public exhibition.

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