At the Bar Selfie

burlesque_selfie copy_Snapseed

This selfie is meant to be an example of a selfie, which is posted with the purpose of eliciting attention. As the popularity of the sefie is increasing, we see more and more selfies such as this, specifically of young women, who are acting in a sexually provocative or seductive way. Again, I am playing with the signs visible in the image; the drink I am holding in my hand, my expression and body language, which suggests that I am intoxicated, my revealing clothes, the sexually suggestive action of licking the side of my friend’s face- all of them symbolize that I am seeking attention (good or bad) from my male friend and by posting this image online, also from my social network.

These images are quite common, especially among the younger internet users and this “broadcast[ing of] personal details about themselves to an [online] audience” is often “motivated by social status, attention, and visibility to” (Marwick 380). By making images such as this available online to be seen by a broad audience, young females are “asserting [their] importance” (Marwick 380) and presence. Yet, not only good behaviour is posted online, but often we witness “negative behavior [,which also] is motivated by visibility” (Marwick 389), but can be very harmful. As more and more of us are beginning to have an increased presence online, we have to be aware of the kind of attention our images may call forth. I for example would likely not want my colleagues or supervisors from work to see this image, as it may lead them to come to negative conclusions about me. Even if we are not professionals, we must remember that what we post online can be harmful to us and that “attention-seeking content is not appropriate if it is not professional” (Marwick 390). This selfie is a symbol for the reckless content many of us post online, which may come back to haunt us at a later time.


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